The blast machine is the heart of the pressure blasting system that clemco wealth of experience and commitment to innovation with high levels of reliability and safety in top of the line abrasive blasting.

Pressure Systems

Blast pots, Complete systems, Remote control systems, Dead man handles, Metering valves, Nozzles, Couplings, Nozzle holders, Blast hose.

Operator Protection

Blast suits, Blast helmets, CPF-Air filter, Carbon monoxide sensor,Blaster Lamp, Cooling and Warming systems.

Injector Blasting

Injector Blasting

Power injector Gun


Blast Cabinets

Pulsar Compact Blast cabinets

BNP blast cabinets

Cabinets Options For Pulsar and BNP


A-200 Satellite system

trumble cabinet

Mobile units

Industrial System

Blast Chambers

Stationary components

Mobile units

Inner piping blasting & Coating

Orbiters, Airless Pistols, Hollo Blast, Hollo Blast Junior, Spin Blast, Spin XL

DustFree & Wet Blasting

HSP-20, HS-200 P, Educt-O-Matic, Wet Blast Flex, Wet Blast Heads and Nozzles