​Nozzles 6mm, 8mm and 9.5mm, tungsten carbide and silicon carbide. Nozzle holder, repair kits and more of blasting accessories for more simple applications.​

Blast Nozzles – Peak performance and maximum durability «A wide range of nozzle liners and jackets to suit every application and environment»
Clemco’s engineers consistently pursue one objective in the development of blast nozzles: greater performance with a minimum of wear. Correspondingly, Clemco blast nozzles come in a wide variety of different liners and nozzle jackets to suit any application and abrasive media. Each nozzle type has been formulated for a specific area of blast application, and the components and construction of each nozzle reflect this specificity. The available air volume, size of the workpiece, abrasive type and
Nozzle holders and couplings – A solid connection for consistent flow «Couplings are sized to provide a consistent inner diameter along the blast hose, allowing maximum airflow»
Clemco offers an extensive range of different sizes and styles of blast nozzle holders and couplings for quick and simple replacement. Proprietary seals prevent pressure loss and turbulence at the connection, and specialized inner tooling prevents slippage from the hose, making protection and airflow assured. All seals, like the hose, are electrically conductive to prevent static shock. The couplings and nozzle holders are made of high-quality, durable materials such as nylon, brass and aluminu
Blast hose – no compromise on quality «Sizing the blast hose begins with the nozzle»
Clemco offers two tiers of blast hose quality: premium and ultimate. Regardless of choice, both hose types are built with highly resistant inner lining, carbon-impregnated anti-static layers and high-durability outer wraps to guarantee a long life.
Abrasive metering valves – The precise amount for perfect efficiency «Metering the abrasive in exact proportion is crucial to producing the maximum blast power with a minimum amount of abrasive media»
Clemco-produced abrasive metering valves are constructed of high-quality, abrasive-resistant components and can suit all abrasive medias. The manual and pneumatically-controlled valves from Clemco have proven their value a thousand times over in every application.
Remote control systems – Precise control and complete safety «The longer the blast hose, the greater the need for quick-response control»
Precise operational control and safety is the hallmark of Clemco remote controls, which immediately start or stop the blast stream whenever necessary. The operator controls the blast stream independently at the nozzle, an indispensable safety feature. The blast pot can be emptied and reloaded with the engagement of the control handle, which functions on a pneumatic signal system. For longer hose lengths, Clemco recommends its low-voltage, electro-pneumatically controlled option.