The blast machine is the heart of the pressure blasting system that clemco wealth of experience and commitment to innovation with high levels of reliability and safety in top of the line abrasive blasting.

The modernization of mobile blast machines according to the newest technical standard is one of our specialties. With regards to Grinding, Polishing and Scarifying machines we are cooperating with Worldwide leading companies. We are Impacts founded by a team of specialists with together more than 100 years of experience in the mobile surface preparation industry.

One of the leading companies in surface preparation

Top of the line in airsprayers that are capable of spraying any material for coating and more


A company mastering the art of manufacturing top of the line high pressure pumps and systems.

You can always depend on Wiwa for coating protection after any work with 100% certainty.

GARNET SAND is a new type of natural environmentally friendly abrasive widely used in various fields such as material cutting, surface treatment, abrasive production, and oil and gas extraction.


Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Stainless Steel Shot, Glass Beads, Black Silicon Carbide, Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina.