​Almandite garnet is a chemically inert nonmetallic mineral that is quite common in the natural environment. It is found in trace amounts in most river and beach sands and is known for its hardness and durability.​

Abrasives are used in an enormous variety of blast cleaning applications, from architectural restoration to marine hull cleaning. JH MINING offers the most comprehensive line of blast cleaning abrasives. All the abrasives we offer for blast cleaning are considered "silica free" (max. < 1%), greatly reducing the health risk to operators*. Our abrasives are also used for polishing, finishing, grinding, de-burring, peening and even filtration. Our qualified team
CLEMCO Calcium Silicate
Calclium Silicate blast media are aggregate grains and consist of blast-furnace slag (HOS). Blast furnace slag is a liquid mineral melt of mineral origin, which is produced during the production of pig iron in the blast furnace. Blast furnace slag-Blasting agent meets the requirements of occupational safety and health
Cleaning and surface refinement High freedom from dust Coalslag is a mineral abrasive according to DIN EN ISO 11126-4, which consists of granulated melted coal slag. Though intensive washing processes following drying and screening of granulates, a high degree of freedom from